About Us

Thelkhum is the brainchild of David Lilley, who lives in the beautiful county of Derbyshire, the United Kingdom. Thelkhum is a mindset formula that has been fashioned to help people pursue a great life and to maximse the prospects for personal achievement and happiness.

At the heart of the Thelkhum formula is the suggestion and the influence that you should  examine the detail of your life – to strip back the veneer of your existence, to discover what really shaped your life values, your beliefs, your characteristics, your philosophy and the manner that you go about living your life.

In this Thelkhum self examination comes a eureka moment – the realization of what is truly most important to you.

Thelkhum is explained in a book called “The Ingredients For A Great Life” a one day classroom course and via exclusive retreats. An inspirational overview is also given via a keynote speech from David Lilley.