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Changing Negative Mindset

The Thelkhum formula challenges the aspects of life you concentrate and value the most. The “Ingredients For A Great Life Book” walks you through an easy to understand and philosophical assessment of your life attitudes and disciplines. Designing a great life commences with clarity on your own life philosophy and the book will leave your profoundly clear on how to decide this essential life philosophy.

Spend Personal Time With the Author

David Lilley is happy to spend dedicated one to one time with individual people who want to implement the Thelkhum formula into their life. This can be phased over a number of weeks and months or condensed into a two – three day programme. These sessions can take place at your home or in an especially arranged retreat environment. This is a premium priced service.

Thelkhum Services

Thelkhum can be taught in a one day workshop. A keynote speech that positions and reinforces the value of the Thelkhum formula is the perfect and an inspiring way to start or end a conference or event. We can also look at implementing a Thelkhum mindset into the team mentality of your organisation. The Thelkhum formula is also being adjusted for teaching in schools.

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During the eight years that I have known David I have seen how the light of his personal life philosophy shines and manifests into the way he lives his daily life. Staying true to his values keeps him focused on being the best person he can actually be in the ultimate journey to happiness. There are many more qualities such as mentoring and nurturing that embody the charismatic personality that so many people love and admire. As you read this book and discover the true meaning of Thelkhum you will journey deep into the soul of the author and appreciate how he shares with you too the key to unlocking the door to the understanding of happiness. For anyone who, now or in the future, has the chance to spend time with David, should grasp it with both hands and hold on tight as such valuable opportunities don’t come along twice in this life.

Paul Lee

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with David to set up my new business and his warmth, honesty, professionalism and integrity has shone through consistently. As a result, my confidence has grown immensely which has had a direct impact on my business and the service I am now able to offer to clients. I am in a position that I never would have dreamed possible only a few short months ago and I only have David to thank for this.

Rebecca Flannery

David and I have been friends for 14 years and I have observed David’s philosophy about life and how he treats people during that time. His beliefs really resonated with me and I have taken many of his philosophies including honesty, integrity and reciprocity on board.The Thelkum philosophy takes this basic idea to the next level and it makes one appreciate what we have in life and to be more thankful for what we receive. It also make one think about what is important including the limited time we have, treasuring memories, looking after our health, giving more love and kindness to the world. I wear my bracelet every day and I am constantly asked about the bracelet. I explain that it’s my daily my reminder about the person I want to be and it helps me remember what is important in life.

Deon Jacobs

About us

Thelkhum is the brainchild of David Lilley, who live in the county of Derbyshire, the United Kingdom. Thelkhum is a mindset formula that has been fashioned to help people pursue a great life and to maximse the prospects for achievement and happiness.

At the heart of the Thelkhum formula is the influence to truly examine your life – to strip back the veneer of your existence, to discover what really…More

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